Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Oil Price Drop, Energy Efficiency Report, Tuna Mercury Content

CONTANGO: Oil Storage at all time high - may lead to HUGE OIL PRICE DROP!
IFMA Research Finds that Energy Efficiency Important - but Investment Lags....
World's Tuna getting more toxic with Mercury - Due to Rapid Growth of China's Coal Power Plants? 


Banchero Media Productions said...

The combination of the first article about a possible dramatic drop in oil prices with the second article about the Johnson Controls study that energy efficiency lacks sufficient capital investments, suggests that we are headed for a 'deja vu' scenario. I've seen energy efficiency and demand response investments rise and fall in three separate cycles over the last 25 years. I am afraid we're headed in the same direction again -- a lowering of fossil fuel prices, a dramatic lack of interest in conservation and load management, and then a sudden energy crisis all over again.

We've seen petroleum based energy price shocks three times that I can recall, and these price swings have had a dramatic impact on electric and gas utility prices. I hope we can avoid this again.

Regardless, I am urging everyone I meet to reduce consumption ... to protect their pocket books as well as to do all those good social things, such as reduce carbon emissions.

Businesses can make huge productivity strides by investing in more efficient power technologies.

Here's hoping we're not heading for another period of complacency and increased risk.

John Schinter said...

I cannot agree MORE with your concerns about reverting back to low energy prices, which would clearly reduce general interest in investing in technologies to reduce energy.

My experience also shows that high energy prices leave no memory, and the minute the prices reduce - consumption patterns return.

Energy reductions of 40-50% are common for buildings that take energy management serious... What everyone doesn't realize is that by reducing energy demand - energy prices go down MUCH faster due to over-supply.

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